Current Projects

Recent projects have involved the collaboration of a theoretical physicist, Bartolo Luque, and a number of programmers. These projects could be described as experiments in collective creativity involving online participation, immersive art exhibitions in physical space and post-experiment mathematical and theoretical analysis. This interdisciplinary collaboration brings current scientific approaches to understanding collective human behaviour into contact with art practice as collective creative process. Equally, attention is drawn to current theories of human sensation, perception and understanding.

Interview on Radio Exterior de España

by kevin_mccourt on July 30, 2010

Riverrun First Public Event at Electrosmog (19th March)

by kevin_mccourt on March 25, 2010

New developments

by kevin_mccourt on January 25, 2010

Riverrun and Colourwall: A Brief Description

by kevin_mccourt on January 16, 2009