Riverrun: New Video

August 9, 2014

This video shows the real-time crystalisation of a Riverrun trial experiment run at Medialab-Prado in Madrid. The fonts, size, colours and shape of the text have been set on the visualisation control panel and patterns of repetition are shown through changes in the colours of the text.

One of the first tests of the Riverrun visualisation platform, designed by Guillermo Casado.
Post image for Riverrun is now exhibition ready.

On the 12th and 17th June 2013, collective writing experiments were undertaken with teachers and adult students at the British Council in Somosaguas, Madrid. The purpose of these tests was to evaluate the new visualisation controls developed by Guillermo Casado, in collaboration with Kevin McCourt, and gain further feedback on the usability and reliability of the collective writing interface. These tests proved very successful. The feedback has allowed us to make a few final adjustments and move forward to the exhibition stage.

Our immediate plan is to now work with groups of writers within and across different parts of the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking world. We hope to project these collective works in public space as they crystallise in real-time and then publish final outcomes as literary works.

A description of how the visualisation panel works (in Spanish) can be found here: Instrucciones Visualizador Riverrun (1)