Interactivos?’14: Rethinking collective behaviour and action.

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Post image for Riverrun is now exhibition ready.

On the 12th and 17th June 2013, collective writing experiments were undertaken with teachers and adult students at the British Council in Somosaguas, Madrid. The purpose of these tests was to evaluate the new visualisation controls developed by Guillermo Casado, in collaboration with Kevin McCourt, and gain further feedback on the usability and reliability of the collective writing interface. These tests proved very successful. The feedback has allowed us to make a few final adjustments and move forward to the exhibition stage.

Our immediate plan is to now work with groups of writers within and across different parts of the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking world. We hope to project these collective works in public space as they crystallise in real-time and then publish final outcomes as literary works.

A description of how the visualisation panel works (in Spanish) can be found here: Instrucciones Visualizador Riverrun (1)

Post image for Production Grant for Riverrun

We are pleased to announce that we have received a production grant from Modelico (CSIC). This will enable our excellent new programmer Guillermo Casado ( to develop the logic of Riverrun’s architecture and enhance the visual impact of its presentation. This will ensure that Riverrun’s real-time experiments adequately serve both a scientific and artistic function.

Post image for Two new texts on Riverrun: Concept, Process and Collective Creative Function

1. A brief description of concepts and processes.

2. A description of Riverrun’s collective creative function as a transdisciplinary project.

Post image for Objectives: Riverrun and Colourwall

Both Riverrrun and Colourwall address how we are influenced by others; how we compete and collaborate, as we collectively create in a social network. They are conspicuously contemporary in this regard.

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Our action plan:

  • Phase 1: A re-working or refinement of design and programming i.e. to produce the release version of each project.

Having performed various public experiments we have identified the following problems with the current versions of Riverrun and Colourwall:

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Riverrun and Colourwall: Kevin McCourt (Artist) and Bartolo Luque (Theoretical Physicist). See: &

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Un Idioma sin Fronteras

September 25, 2010

Bartolo Luque and I were interviewed on the programme Un Idioma sin Fronteras (Radio Exterior de España) on 23rd July 2010. This was broadcast on 23 September and is available as a podcast here:

Bartolo Luque and I were interviewed on 23rd July for the programme “Un Idioma sin Fronteras.”

We talked about our collaborative projects.
Details of this upcoming broadcast will be published here.

We will be running a series of experiments on world book day at Medialab-Prado, Madrid on 23 April between 8 and 11pm.You can go there to write (please bring a laptop, if you have one) or simply to see the fascinating stories evolving on large screens in real time. Remember, you can also participate online. Visit our website to register now:

Further details: